No one can resist a good cup of coffee and if you are in CDMX, it must be accompanied by a pan de dulce (sweet bread) or a churro.

Of course, in the Historic Center you will find plenty of options to have a good coffee. But there are certain places that stand out for having years of tradition or for being iconic. Which are they? Here are 4 cafés you can’t miss in the vibrant heart of Mexico City.

Café El Popular
With over 70 years of history (and a lot of competition), Café El Popular continues to be one of the most iconic and traditional coffee shops in Mexico City’s Centro Histórico.

Part of its popularity is due to the fact that it is open 24 hours a day all year round. Yes, that’s right. So, no matter what time or day it is, you will always find this place available not only for coffee and pan dulce but also for a complete meal. They offer well-served breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

El Popular is only a 5 block walk from Hostel Barrio, so if you want an early breakfast or a late night dinner, it’s a great option that will be close to your bed.

Address: 5 de Mayo #50 y #52, Centro Histórico

Café de Tacuba
Café de Tacuba is probably one of the most famous coffee shops, not only in the Historic Center, but in the whole city.

It has more than 100 years of history and some of the most important personalities in Mexico’s history have passed through its tables, such as Porfirio Díaz and Diego Rivera. Today it is more of a restaurant than a cafeteria and is considered a cultural treasure that has preserved the essence and flavor of authentic Mexican cuisine for generations.

Address: Tacuba #28, Centro Histórico


Finca Don Porfirio
Probably the café with the best view in the Centro Histórico!

We all agree that the Palacio de Bellas Artes (Palace of Fine Arts) is one of the most beautiful buildings in Mexico. Well, this café has a panoramic view of Bellas Artes, and that’s what makes it ultra special and worthy of having a coffee here. In addition to coffee, on their menu you will find artisanal drinks like tejate and champurrado, as well as simple foods like molletes, salads and baguettes.

If you are exploring downtown, Don Porfirio is a good option to take a break with a spectacular view.

Address: Juárez #14, Piso 8 en Sears de Bellas Artes, Centro Histórico

Churrería El Moro (Centro)
This churrería has existed since 1935 and was founded by a Spaniard who didn’t know he was going to create an empire that would become a tradition in the city.

Although the Centro Histórico branch was the only one for decades, there are currently around 15 branches in CDMX, all of them always with long lines because these churros, accompanied by hot chocolate, are simply delicious.

Like Café El Popular, El Moro in Centro Histórico is open 24 hours. However, unlike Café El Popular, you won’t find Mexican dishes for breakfast, lunch, or dinner here. Their menu focuses on churros, different types of hot chocolate, coffee, and milkshakes. If you’re looking for something more substantial to eat, they also sell tortas (a kind of Mexican sandwich).

In CDMX, it’s a great tradition to eat churros with chocolate, mainly at night. So, if you’re downtown, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit El Moro.

Tip: Don’t forget to ask about their promotions; they may surprise you with offers like “Free Churros Monday”.

Address: Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas #42, Centro Histórico

Which of these cafés are you going to visit while in Mexico City?


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