June is a special month, it’s Pride month! And in 2024, the LGBT+ Pride march in CDMX is scheduled for Saturday, June 29.

This event is not only a vibrant and colorful party but also a manifestation of love, equality, and human rights. The Pride march is a reminder of the ongoing struggle for acceptance and visibility of the LGBT+ community, and a celebration of the achievements made in the quest for a more inclusive world.

Pride in CDMX
Pride in Mexico City is a lively celebration that begins at the iconic Angel of Independence, where thousands of people gather with rainbow flags, colorful costumes and banners full of messages of love and equality. The march advances down Paseo de la Reforma, flooding the streets with music, dancing and contagious energy. Floats and parades full of creativity and enthusiasm turn the city into a spectacle of color and joy.
Beyond the march, the celebration continues with a variety of events and activities throughout the city. Concerts, artistic presentations and parties in clubs and bars extend the festivities late into the night.
In addition to being a party, Pride in CDMX is a platform for reflection and activism, with forums, workshops and exhibitions promoting education and awareness of LGBT+ rights. Living Pride in CDMX is an experience of joy, solidarity and commitment to equality and inclusion.


Date, Time and Route of the LGBT+ Pride March in CDMX 2024
The LGBT+ Pride march in Mexico City will be on Saturday, June 29, 2024. The event starts at 10 am at the Angel of Independence, and the route will follow Paseo de la Reforma to end at the Zocalo.

Where to Party After CDMX Pride March

Aafter a day full of excitement and experiences at the march, the party doesn’t end. Many places in the city are waiting for you to continue celebrating.

What are the best bars and clubs after the Pride march? We tell you about 3 areas where you can find some of the favorite places of the LGBT+ community in CDMX and where the party after the march will be great.

Historic Center
The march starts at the Angel of Independence monument and ends at the Zocalo, the heart of the historic center, so staying in this area is a good option to continue the party.

Mexico City’s historic center has a good variety of LGBT bars and nightclubs. Most of them are concentrated on República de Cuba street. Here you will find the 2 most famous gay clubs in the city: Marrakech Salón (also called El Marra Salón) and La Purísima (or La Puri). They are located across the street, so you can enter one first and then move on to the other.

On the same street is Soberbia, a sister bar of La Puri that has become a downtown favorite, and there’s also Pecado, another good option to continue celebrating Pride.

If the bars and clubs on República de Cuba are too crowded, you can walk about 4 blocks, and on Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas is Divina, another popular downtown gay bar.


Santa María la Ribera
Close to the historic center is the Santa María la Ribera neighborhood, one of the oldest in the city and where there are some restaurants and bars worth visiting.

To continue the Pride party, here you can go to Club Babylon, famous for being the official headquarters in Mexico of CumUnion, the daring party franchise from San Francisco.

Zona Rosa
The Zona Rosa is known as the epicenter of the LGBT community in Mexico City, and after the Pride march, it becomes the perfect place to keep the party going.

There are gay bars and nightclubs everywhere here, so you won’t have a hard time finding a place to party. Some of the local favorites where you’re sure to have a great time are Blow Bar on Niza Street, Malva Club on Amberes Street and Nicho Bears & Bar on Londres Street. All are within a few blocks of each other.

Hit up some of these bars and nightclubs to continue celebrating your individuality, dance, meet new people and enjoy the sense of diversity and inclusion that characterizes the city’s LGBT community.

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Enjoy the march, and keep celebrating LGBT+ pride in Mexico City!