Looking to experience the most epic Spring Break of your life? Then Mexico City will not disappoint you!

CDMX is one of the most vibrant cities in the world, boasting a bustling nightlife that kicks off in the afternoon, perfect for those seeking endless fun, drinks, and non-stop dancing. Whether you prefer cozy bars, rooftop venues with stunning views, or energetic nightclubs where strangers become instant friends on the dance floor, in Mexico City there’s always a place to party.


The historic center, not only the city’s most significant cultural district but also a bustling party hub, promises an unforgettable Spring Break experience! Here’s our curated selection of the best bars, rooftops, and nightclubs in the heart of CDMX for you to revel in the lively nights of this Spring Break.

Bars for Spring Break 2024 (including mezcalerias and cantinas):

Nobody can resist a few good beers and cocktails at a cozy bar. In the historic center, you’ll find a great variety of bars, including mezcalerias and the traditional cantinas that have been around for over 150 years.

Pata Negra is already a classic in the city, never failing to deliver fun and a great atmosphere. Another great spot is La Cerveceria de Barrio, which actually has branches all over the city, offering excellent food and drinks at a good price. As the afternoon turns into evening, the atmosphere gets even better.

If you’re into mezcal or want to try it out in a good place, Bosforo is where you should head. In this rather hidden mezcaleria, you’ll have an authentic “mezcal experience”, with a good variety of mezcals mainly from Oaxaca.

And for a truly Mexican experience, you can’t miss out on visiting the iconic cantina El Tenampa in Plaza Garibaldi, to wrap up your Spring Break night with tequila shots and mariachi music.

Rooftops to Enjoy Spring Break’s Warm Days and Nights

Rooftops always have a special charm. Especially in cities like CDMX, which are full of impressive colonial architecture and incredible panoramic views.

You can start the party on our Hostel’s terrace “La Chorcha”, where you will experience a pre-party with national cocktails and international drinks, beer at a perfect point and the best interaction with visitors from all over the world. We are open from Monday to Sunday on the 3rd floor of Hostel Barrio located at Republica de Uruguay 33, in the heart of the Historic Center.

To continue your party day, you can go to La Azotea de Barrio Alameda, a rooftop overlooking La Alameda Central, one of the oldest and most historic parks in the city. The party ends early here, but it’s a great place to start with good cocktails, craft beers, and food such as tlayudas, burgers, tacos, and ceviches.

If craft beer is your thing, then Hilaria Terraza will be your place, as here you can try a good variety of national and international beers.

Terraza Dos Equis is another great option for partying from the heights. The plan here is to have drinks and dance with everyone.

But if you’re into a trendier and chic atmosphere, then there are two terraces you’ll love: Terraza Downtown Mexico and Terraza Cha Cha Cha, both offering amazing views of buildings and monuments in the historic center, as well as quite good food and drinks.

Nightclubs to Dance Non-Stop

If what you want is to dance non-stop from the moment you arrive until you leave, undoubtedly the two best options in the historic center are Marrakech Salon and La Purisima.

They are the most famous gay nightclubs in the city, where fun and dancing are guaranteed all night long. Marrakech Salon (affectionately called “El Marra”) and La Purisima (La Puri) are located opposite each other, so you can hop from one to the other to experience both in the same night.


Starting the Party at Lucha Libre

If you want to start your party night in a very different and fun way, you can go to Lucha Libre! This is one of the most Mexican spectacles you can enjoy in CDMX, where not only will you witness great wrestling matches, but you’ll also have a blast with beer in hand, cheering for the wrestlers, and lots and lots of laughter.

After Lucha Libre, you can head to some of the bars, rooftops, or nightclubs we’ve mentioned.

At Hostel Barrio, we offer a Lucha Libre tour every Tuesday and Friday night, so join us and get ready for a night full of action and fun in CDMX!

We’re looking forward to having you at Barrio to experience the best Spring Break you can imagine in CDMX. Not only are we the coolest hostel in the historic center, but on Saturday, March 16, we’ll also have a DJ session on our rooftop + tattoo night that you can’t miss.

See you soon to enjoy Spring Break 2024!