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Best Rate Guarantee

Terms and Conditions

HOSTEL BARRIO guarantees that it provides the lowest online rate for room bookings available to the general public on the internet, and that it is subject to the following terms and conditions:

If you find a publicly available and immediately bookable rate for our hotel (“Competitive Rate”) lower than the room rate available for the same reservation at (such as same room type, same number of guests, same dates of stay and same length of stay), before 24 hours of having made the reservation, at, send your claim request to the mail , with the title subject: Best Rate Guarantee and a clear and visible screenshot showing the lowest rate on the competition website and the following data: dates of stay, room type, number of people, number of rooms, rate detail with or without tax and payment breakdown.

If HOSTEL BARRIO confirms the availability of the competing rate on internet, subject to the availability of rooms in our hotel, HOSTEL BARRIO agrees to match the competing rate for the same reservation, plus an additional ten percent discount (10%) of the room rate for the length of the stay you are reserving.

The Best Rate Warranty is not valid for:

  • Auction sites or sites where the specific hotel or hotel brand is not known until the reservation process is completed.
  • Websites that offer a “package” including travel, entertainment, hotel and / or food components, such as: air tickets and hotel stay; hotel stay and car rental; hotel stay and ticket(s) for restaurant(s), etc.
  • Rates on packages that include taxes, service charges, meals, coupons, parking services and other additional details.
  • Discount rates qualified as – but not limited to – government employee, AAA or retired / senior citizens discounts.
  • Negotiated rates not published with companies, travel agencies, groups, associations or other rates that have been specifically agreed with HOSTEL BARRIO and a specific and limited group, and which are not publicly available.

In case that the competitor fee is in a different currency than the HOSTEL BARRIO rate, HOSTEL BARRIO must convert the competitor rate to the same currency as the currency offered on the HOSTEL BARRIO´ website, considering for the exchange rate, the official website of Banxico (Bank of Mexico). If, after converting to the same currency, a competitor fee is less than two percent (2%) lower than the HOSTEL BARRIO´ rate, that competing rate does not qualify for Best Rate Guarantee policy. This type of deviation is often due to fluctuations in the currency exchange rates and to other factors beyond the control and responsibility imputable to HOSTEL BARRIO.

This guarantee applies only to the room rate during the reservation and does not apply to taxes, duties or charges imposed by a governmental authority (such as federal, state or local taxes) or gratuities, additional guest charges, food(s) and beverage(s), resort fees, or any other charges you may incur during the stay.

This warranty is subject to change or cancellation at any time.

Frequent questions:

  1. What is required to submit a claim for the Best Rate Guarantee?

When you compare rates between and other sites, if you find a lower rate than the one offered on our site, simply take a clear and visible screen shot that shows the lowest rate on the competitor’s website and send your request of complaint to the mail , with the subject: Best Rate Guarantee. A representative of will review the claim and inform you of the status of the complaint within 24 hours. The rate must be for the same type of accommodation, room and bed type, as well as the same dates and number of guests. The lowest rate must meet the terms and conditions of the Best Rate Guarantee.

  1. If I find a lower rate, how do I contact HOSTEL BARRIO?

Simply send your request and complaint to with the subject: Best Rate Guarantee and a clear and visible screenshot that samples the lowest rate on the website of the competition and a representative of will review the claim and will inform you the status of it within 24 hours.

  1. If I find a lower rate, after making my reservation at, can I still choose the Best Rate Guarantee of HOSTEL BARRIO?

Yes. If you find a lower rate within 24 hours after making your reservation at, send your complaint request to and a representative of will review your claim and apply the appropriate adjustments to your rate, if terms and conditions are met.

  1. How will I know if my rate will be adjusted?

All claims will be processed and responded within 24 hours. An HOSTEL BARRIO´ Best Rate Guarantee representative will go to the website where the lowest rate was found and check that it is for the same terms and conditions as the rate for, for the same length of the stay and that it is valid In accordance with the terms and conditions of the Best Rate Guarantee. If the claim is valid, the 10% discount will apply.

  1. Will I receive a 10% discount per night?

The Best Rate Guarantee is determined based on the rate of the entire stay, not on a nightly rate.

  1. Are taxes and service charges included in the guarantee?

The HOSTEL BARRIO´ Best Rate Guarantee only applies to the total room rate. It does not apply to any tax, service charges, gratuities or any other fee.

  1. What is a valid sample of a lower rate?

When you submit your claim request via email, you are asked to attach a clear and visible screenshot that samples the lowest rate on the competitor’s website. A representative of will try to validate the availability of the lowest rate and verify that it complies with the terms and conditions of the guarantee. If the rate is no longer available, the guarantee will not be applied.