The month of September has a different flavor in Mexico. It’s the patriotic month, and all Mexicans are filled with pride and excitement.

It is a month in which the flag flies strongly in every corner of our beautiful country, and the streets are dressed in green, white and red.

The heart of Mexico City’s historic downtown is one of the best places to be during this month to celebrate the festivities in a unique and exciting way, honoring our traditions and those who are no longer with us.

The Essence of The Patriotic Month
The patriotic month in Mexico is a special time when we remember and celebrate our country’s independence. The streets are filled with joy, music and traditional dances. During this time, Mexico City’s historic center becomes a stage full of color and life. Food stands with typical Mexican food, handicrafts and cultural events can be found everywhere.

But beyond the festivities, the patriotic month allows us to connect with our roots and appreciate the richness of Mexican culture. You can visit museums and historical sites, such as the Zócalo and the Palace of Fine Arts, to learn more about Mexico’s history and its importance in the world. You can also participate in activities highlighting Mexican history and identity, such as traditional cooking workshops and film screenings.

A Tribute to Our Loved Ones
Just after the end of the patriotic month, Mexico is immersed in another equally important holiday: the Day of the Dead. This celebration is a unique expression of our relationship with death, in which we honor our loved ones who have departed this life. During this time, the streets are filled with altars, candles, marigold flowers and photographs of those no longer with us.

The preparation of altars is a tradition that takes place in homes, schools and public places. It is believed that during the Day of the Dead, the spirit of the deceased returns to visit their loved ones. The altar includes food and beverages that the deceased enjoyed in life and personal objects that belonged to them. In addition, it is common to make literary “calaveritas”, which are humorous verses written in a festive tone.

Mega Catrinas Procession 2023
The Mega Catrinas Procession is one of the most awaited Day of the Dead events in CDMX, and this year celebrates 10 years of filling the streets with color. It is a celebration that has become a tradition in the capital, and this 2023 is scheduled for Sunday, October 22.

This procession is an event that brings together thousands of people dressed as catrinas, in a parade that pays homage to the iconic figure of La Catrina, created by the famous Mexican engraver José Guadalupe Posada.

As in previous editions, the route of the Mega Catrina Procession will begin at the Angel of Independence. From there, it will travel along Paseo de la Reforma and Juárez Avenue, until arriving at the Zócalo around 6 pm, creating an impressive spectacle of catrinas and calacas that will parade with elegance and creativity.

This is an unmissable opportunity to witness one of Mexico’s most beautiful and emblematic celebrations. The Mega Catrinas Procession will immerse you in the magic and tradition of the Day of the Dead in a way you will never forget. Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting cultural experience!

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