Did you know that your vacation to Mexico City can become an unforgettable experience? Although it is true that the CDMX is a megalopolis, full of things to do, there are certain activities or tours that can make your experience even better; especially if you want to create memories out of the ordinary. In this sense, this post will present you with an amazing idea that you can enjoy while enjoying your stay in the Mexican capital. In short, we refer to the Magical Towns.

 Yes, you read that right, Magical Towns. These small towns on the outskirts of big cities are places full of history and great cultural value. The vast majority, having a colonial past, present a window that, when using your imagination, can well transport you to endless tales and legends.

 Beyond the historical value of these towns, it is important to say that they are also splendid places to shop, try more dishes of the exquisite Mexican cuisine and, above all, fill you with photographs to never forget your visit to this beautiful land.

 So, without further ado…

What Magical Towns can I visit if I am traveling in Mexico City?

  1. San Juan Teotihuacan and San Martin de las Piramides, Estado de Mexico

The first Magical Town or, rather, towns are very close to each other, approximately 1 hour from Kali Escandón. The main attraction of both is, without a doubt, the majestic archaeological zone of Teotihuacan. However, both have much more to offer. For example, here you can learn more about Mexico’s ecclesiastical past by visiting the churches and former convents that today function as museums. Along with them, there is the MURAL museum where you can enjoy large murals and exhibitions of artifacts from the Teotihuacan heyday. Finally, nature and health should not be left behind, because in this area, you can enjoy an amazing temazcal or a delicious massage with the sound of the forest in the background. Without a doubt, an experience that will please the whole family. And finally, if you are fans of adventure, you can take a hot air balloon tour around the Pyramids of the Sun and the Moon.


  1.         Villa del Carbon, Estado de México

Our next candidate on the list is a mining town that, embraced by nature, is positioned as a perfect place to relax, and escape the hustle and bustle of the big city. Here, you can enjoy from boat rides on the dams of El Llano and Taxhimay, to know the mythical sunken town of San Luis de las Peras. In addition to this, and, as in any Magical Town, you can visit the typical church of the central square and those points where commerce and culture become one. In this specific case, we talk about Casa Ofe and the various leather products workshops.

  1.         Atlixco de las Flores, Puebla

The third member on the list is a Magical Town that it’s well worth taking a full day to get to know. Beyond the traditional colonial landscapes that distinguish these towns, Atlixco de las Flores combines the beauty of nature thanks to its proximity to Popocatepetl. This is a place as charming as impressive. In the end, not every day, one can observe an active volcano at such a short distance. However, although the “Pop” is the most attractive thing about the tour, you can also enjoy the flower gardens and works of art that are everywhere. Finally, this can also be a unique opportunity to taste the most emblematic dishes of Puebla cuisine.


  1.          Valle de Bravo, Estado de México

The last Magical Town near Mexico City in our top list is Valle de Bravo, an old favorite that needs no further introduction. This town, about an hour away, is the favorite place for the capital citizens to spend a short vacation, enjoy nature and rest. And, the magnificent balance between the dam and the mountains creates a small oasis, ideal for the whole family to enjoy well-deserved hours of relaxation and have fun practicing all kinds of water sports.

 As you could read, Mexico City is a charming destination to live an all-in-one vacation. On the one hand, you can take advantage of a cosmopolitan city, where the best of culture, gastronomy and fun meet. And on the other, thanks to the proximity to all these Magical Towns, you can also make historical getaways that end up returning to your stay, an experience that will never escape your memory.

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